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By making a donation to the Green Party you are helping build a better, fairer Ireland.

We are currently creating policies to bring about improvements in Food, Housing, The Green Economy, Community Activism, Public Spaces and Transport. If you’d like to support these please make a donation today.

We believe in keeping politics clean and green, so we don’t take corporate donations. Which means we need your support.

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As a Donor, the Green Party will store and process the personal information you provide us with for the purposes of administering your donationBy clicking ‘Pay with Card’, you indicate your agreement to this, and to being contacted by the Green Party by email. Communications sent to you from the Green Party will contain an opt-out facility allowing you to manage how often we contact you. 



Data Protection

For the Green Party Data Protection Statement, please click here: Data Protection Statement 2018

Watch our latest Party Political Broadcast for more on the policies your donation will support.





Donations Policy

In order to donate to a political party in Ireland a private individual must be either a citizen of Ireland, or have a permanent residence in Ireland.


Reporting of donations and donors

The Green Party keeps a record of the name and address of all donors.
Donors who give more than €600 to the Party in one calendar year will have their details included in our Donations Statement to the Standards in Public Office Commission.

The Green Party may not, either directly or through an intermediary, accept a donation with a value exceeding €2500 from the same donor in the same calendar year. (In this regard it should be borne in mind that if a donor makes more than one donation to the Green Party in the same year, the values of the donations will be aggregated and the donations treated as a single donation.) For further details please see the Standards in Public Office Commission website.

If you are not an Irish citizen or do not have a permanent residence in Ireland you can donate to the Green Party in Northern Ireland.

Green Party / Comhaontas Glas is a member of the United Green Parties of Europe – links to other European Green Parties can be found on their website.