Budget focus on roads will lead to traffic chaos

11th October 2017

The Green Party said today that the transport budget focus on roads will lead to traffic chaos, describing the allocation for sustainable travel in Budget 2018 as ‘crumbs from the table’.


Speaking today, Green Party Transport Spokesperson Councillor Ciarán Cuffe said: “There is an overwhelming focus on roads rather than sustainable transport in Budget 2018. Minister Ross will have a budget of over €2bn, but has only identified €3m for developing cycling projects. At a time when we are trying to tackle obesity and get people moving, walking and cycling are only receiving the crumbs of the transport cake.


“More motorways and bypasses will feed more cars to Dublin and further clog up the M50. We should be speeding up rail speeds, and expanding our bus network, but the Bus Connects project in Dublin is in danger of trying to do more, with less of a budget.


“There needs to be a serious re-balancing of the Government’s transport priorities, or we’re facing traffic chaos.”