Cuffe: Mulvey Report requires a coherent and sustained response from Government

17th February 2017

The Green Party has warned  that the Mulvey Report requires a coherent and sustained response from Government in order to tackle the challenges of the North Inner City.

Local Green party City Councillor Ciaran Cuffe said: “Tackling deprivation and disadvantage requires more than CCTV and re-opening closed police stations. We need joined-up government and funding to make a real change in people's lives. While Kieran Mulvey has sketched out of the solutions, there is a glaring funding gap between previous initiatives and what was announced yesterday. The 1981 'Gregory Deal' cost £92m which would be equivalent to €242m today. Yesterday's announcement was less than €10m, much of which had been previously announced. Where was the funding to provide new housing, and refurbish existing homes that are in poor condition?

“A commitment to tackling deprivation must harness the local community's strengths and invest in the social economy, rather than rely on a rising tide to lift all boats. Too much focus in Mr. Mulvey's report was on private sector actions, with suggestions that encouragement and incentives would save the day, rather than direct State investment in community infrastructure.

“While the focus on public realm improvements is welcome, closer links must be made between policing, education, health and housing. Dublin's North Inner City has one of the highest non-Irish populations in the State, and  additional investment is needed to integrate and support all who live here. Clarity is required on funding to achieve the improvements that the Report proposes. Without budgets and short, medium and long term targets, the Report is in danger of gathering dust.”