End to price difference in agric diesel

28th September 2012

End to price difference in agric diesel

Dundalk TC call for end to price difference for agri diesel. Water courses and public health under threat , claims Cllr Dearey.

At Tuesday night's meeting of Dundalk Town Council, there was unanimous cross party for a motion calling on the Finance Minister to end the price differential between road diesel and marked diesel.
The motion was proposed by Green Party Councillor Mark Dearey who explained that the issue was now the business of this council, as the toxic sludge residue from the washing of marked diesel was now threatening water courses and public health within the town boundary.

"I see it as our duty to protect our water courses and public health" said Cllr Dearey " and now the loacl authority that is most affected by the toxic impacts of diesel laundering is demanding action from the Minister  for Finance.The Council speaks with authority on this matter and we speak unanimously. We now expect a response.The price difference between marked and road diesel creates an economic incentive. Remove that price difference and you destroy the incentive. My motion also proposes that the Minister introduces a registration and rebate scheme so that farmers and other off road users of diesel pay the same as for road diesel but claim back a rebate every three months as happens in New Zealand for off road petrol use. (see editors note)."

"I noted in my comments at the Council meeting, that the IFA opposed such a scheme when addressing the Oireachtas Transport Committee earlier this year. I urged  them to reconsider their position given the scale of the problem we are now dealing with in Louth and the loss to the exchequer at a time when every tax euro matters. A phased rebate introduction starting in the winter months when fuel usage is lower should be possible. In time the quarterly rebate will then cover the excise incurred in the next quarter. The IFA's support would I believe, be a necessary precondition for the Minister to acceed to what the motion proposes and I look forward to their considered response on this matter."

Editors Note.
Please note that excise is not charged on diesel in New Zealand. Another form of charge exists based on road miles . The rebate applies to off road petrol use and is claimed quarterly using the form below.