EPA water report shows Government is prioritising politics over the environment

12th September 2017

Contaminated water supplies threaten the environment, health, economy and tourism
The Green Party said today that the EPA’s latest report, showing that the water supplies serving 700,000 people are at risk of contamination, highlights the lack of urgency by the Government in addressing water quality and environmental issues.
Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “While Irish Water have made considerable progress on water issues in the last year, which is to be welcomed, the fact that 700,000 people in this country are at risk of contaminated water supplies is incredibly concerning.
“The Government have prioritised political expediency and refunding water charges, rather than putting the levels of funding required into addressing the serious deficiencies in our water and wastewater treatment services.
“Water quality failures threaten public health, tourism and the environment. The Government must show greater urgency in tackling the problem of water quality.”