Government must confront third level funding issue following Trinity protests

13th March 2018

The Green Party said today that the Government must end their hands-off approach and confront the issue of third level funding, as protests against the introduction of a 450 euro resit fee took place in Trinity College.
Speaking today, Green Party Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Education, Catherine Martin TD said: “The move by Trinity to increase resit fees is the latest attempt by third level institutions to extract money from students in order to make up for the shortfall in funding. Students have had to deal with increased registration fees, increasing rents, campus accommodation charges going up, and now this.
“The Government must finally confront the issue of third level funding. In the absence of proper funding to the institutions, students are the ones being squeezed again and again. The Government’s hands-off approach is not working. They cannot kick the can down the road any further. The uncertainty is causing huge anxiety and stress to third level students, who feel their voices aren’t being listened to, and fear the financial implications of the ongoing situation. The latest moves by Trinity will force vulnerable students out of third level education, and must be reversed.”