Green Party welcome draft text on Brexit border agreement

5th December 2017

Speaking in response to today’s Brexit developments, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “We have been briefed by the Taoiseach on the draft Brexit text on Irish border issues. We hope that it can now be signed off and sent as part of wider agreement which will be presented to the European Council next week.


“We support the approach the Irish Government has taken and hope it will allow the second phase of Brexit negotiations to start.  The wording provides a backstop guarantee that the Irish Border will remain open and the Good Friday Agreement will be respected, no matter what happens in the wider Brexit talks.


“The provisions could set a template for ensuring that the rest of the UK remains aligned with European standards following the Brexit process. Those negotiations are not going to be easy for the UK. It will expose the main fallacy in the Brexiteers argument: that it is possible to get bespoke international trade deals and still maintain existing market arrangements with the EU.


“We regret that the talks have stalled this afternoon and hope that a deal can be reached in the next few days. It is in nobody’s interests for this to drag on into the New Year.”