Green Party welcome Government plan for referendums

26th September 2017

The Green Party today welcomed proposals from the Government to hold a number of referendums in the coming years, mainly coinciding with dates of other elections.


Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “There are a number of outstanding constitutional issues to be dealt with, and we broadly welcome the Government’s proposed approach to these issues. It makes sense to plan ahead and hold polls around the same times as election cycles, generally.


“We welcome the fact that the Government are proposing a standalone referendum on the 8th amendment. In terms of complexity and importance, we believe that this is the right choice for such a poll.  We also welcome the proposed plebiscite on directly elected mayors which should apply across the country and not just Dublin.


“We would, however, like to see the Government advance polls on the right to housing, the public ownership of water supplies, and on Seanad reform. We believe these are very important issues that need to be prioritised in the seven referendum slots that have been identified for the next two years.”