Green Party welcome increased social and affordable housing allocation at Poolbeg SDZ

19th May 2017

The Green Party today welcomed changes to the development plans for the Poolbeg SDZ, including an increased allocation of social and affordable housing.

An extra 550 social and affordable homes will be included in the development, bringing the total number to 900 out of 3,500 homes.

The Green Party also secured agreement for 5% of the development to be designated for cultural and artistic purposes, for the Dublin Bikes to be installed and for room for a Luas expansion to be catered for.

Speaking today, Green Party Councillor Claire Byrne said: “We are very pleased that we have secured a commitment that 5% of the development will be guaranteed for arts, cultural and community purposes. This is unprecedented, and will go a long way in addressing the deficit in studio space for artists and creatives in the city, as well as providing the vital cultural and community space for both local residents and the wider city. Poolbeg is a unique opportunity to get sustainable urban development right. We must build vibrant communities, not just developments.”

Councillor Patrick Costello said: “While the reduction in Part V requirements from 20% to 10% meant we had to fight for more social and affordable homes, we welcome the fact that 30% of the development will now be allocated for social and affordable homes. It was vital for the Green Party that, in the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis, that this development catered for all sections of the population – not just those who can afford to buy.”

Councillor Ciarán Cuffe said: “We welcome the fact that sustainable transport solutions have been catered for. The Dublin Bikes scheme is incredibly popular, and will be a welcome inclusion for residents and the local community. The fact that the space for possible Luas expansion is also factored in is very welcome.”