Greens: Decision on ownership of new National Maternity Hospital ‘Wholly Inappropriate’

19th April 2017

The Green Party today described the Government’s decision to grant the ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity religious group, who failed to meet their obligations under the redress schemes for institutional abuse survivors as ‘wholly inappropriate’.
“It is wholly inappropriate that a group who owe the State and survivors of institutional abuse millions in outstanding reparations should be given ownership of an asset worth hundreds of millions of euro and paid for by public money. It is also scandalous that the State will pay rent to the same group who have refused to pay their share of compensation for historical abuse that occurred under their watch.
“We don’t believe religious bodies should have any involvement in the provision of State services - however, regardless of your stance on that issue, the choice of this particular group is a insult to survivors of institutional abuse as long as they refuse to meet their obligations.”