Greens express concern at potential flaws in Tribunal terms of reference

16th February 2017

The Green Party today expressed concerns that the terms of reference of the Charleton Tribunal had serious flaws, and were unnecessarily rushed through.

Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “We have real concerns that the wording of the terms of reference of the Charleton Tribunal would exclude access to telecommunications between relevant Gardaí and media in the period after May 2014. It’s deeply regrettable we spent a week debating who said what to who within Government, but in the end we rushed the terms of reference of the final inquiry through in 80 minutes.

“The terms of reference explicitly refer to contact between Noirín O’Sullivan and an RTÉ news programme in May 2016 – and I fear that if other Gardaí were attempting to influence that programme, investigation into their communications would be outside the scope of the inquiry.”