Greens express disappointment at Clare County Council’s decision to grant permission for coastal erosion management works at golf course owned by US President Donald Trump.

21st December 2017

Earlier today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan T.D. said, ‘We will consider the decision and decide ourselves, as I’m sure others will, whether or not to appeal to An Bord Pleanála. This was always about protecting the dune ecosystem and the ecology of this most sensitive coastline site.

The survival of the dunes depends on the natural circulation of the dune system which includes the entire beach. Building a barrier in the middle of the beach is going to change the whole way the dune system works. This should have been about trying to get the golf course to evolve to the changing dune system and not destroying what is a natural process.

Of course, the ownership of the project makes this a case of public interest but the objection was made on a scientific basis and protecting ecology rather than making a political statement. We very much understand that there are a lot of local jobs involved from the golf course but we believe that they could be protected by working with nature rather than trying to control the natural system.”