Greens: Focus must move back to Charleton Investigation terms

13th February 2017

Parties must put pursuit of justice before political point scoring to ensure situation never happens again
The Green Party said today that the Dáil’s complete focus must move back to ensuring that the terms of reference for the Charleton Commission of Investigation are broadened appropriately to include Tusla, and ensuring that what happened to Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe will never happen again, rather than on who said what to who and political point scoring.
Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD called for all parties to put justice before politics, and not to play political football with the issues that need to be dealt with.
He said: “Our absolute priority here must be ensuring that the appropriate terms of reference for the Charleton Commission of Investigation are set. This means the terms of reference as they currently stand must be broadened to include Tusla. We are calling for suspension of business in the Dáil, and for the Ministers for Justice and Children to come before the House and clearly outline the facts of this matter, which they have so far failed to do. We need absolute clarity from both, and all the facts laid before the House so we can ensure that the correct terms of reference are set.”
Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD said: “We must move the focus back to the pursuit of truth and justice for  Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe. Political point scoring at this stage is not constructive and is not in the best interest of the McCabe family. It is imperative that both Minister Zappone and Minister Fitzgerald address the Dáil to clarify matters at the earliest opportunity.”
Concluding, Deputy Eamon Ryan praised Garda McCabe’s outstanding service to the State: “The roots of the word "sergeant" come from "to serve" and the one clear message out of this is that Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe has lived up to that ideal and aspiration. As a sergeant, he has proven in the past to be a man of great honour and respect. He has been proven to be someone who is seeking the truth to enhance the moral authority of the Garda and as someone who is willing to act as a public servant.”