Greens: Government must raise Halawa case with Egypt ‘as a matter of urgency’

14th March 2017

The Green Party today called on the Government to once again raise the case of Ibrahim Halawa with the Egyptian authorities as a matter of urgency, as it emerged Egypt had released a further 200 political prisoners, and that Ibrahim’s health was continuing to deteriorate in Egyptian prison, with Ibrahim's family saying he is'dying'.

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD said today: “It is bitterly disappointing that Ibrahim is not among the 200 prisoners released this week. The Government must raise this as a matter of urgency and ask why he was not included. There is real concern now for Ibrahim’s health, and securing his release is becoming critical.

“The Government have to take a firmer line with the Egyptian authorities. Ibrahim’s family have said today that Ibrahim is dying - it is not acceptable that an Irish citizen could die in a foreign prison. It is not acceptable that an Irish citizen can be held for over 3 years without trial. The Government’s wait-and-see approach is no longer acceptable.

“On the week that Enda Kenny and the Government are making great promises about standing up for Irish citizens abroad as they fly around the world, maybe they’ll think about Ibrahim Halawa, and what more they can do to bring him home. Securing his release might not be the photo op that ‘standing up for Ireland’ in the White House is, but it is equally as important. The Taoiseach must make the time to call the Egyptian President and raise Ibrahim’s case today.”