Greens: Introduction of recycling charges will discourage recycling

14th March 2018

Producers of waste, not consumers, must contribute more
The Green Party said today that the introduction for charges for recycling bins is completely counterproductive and a step backwards that will discourage recycling.
Speaking today, Green Party Spokesperson Councillor David Healy, said: “While other countries are trying to make recycling pay for consumers, by introducing deposit refund schemes and cutting down on excess packaging, Irish consumers are facing being penalised for doing the right thing. The introduction of charges is completely counterproductive and a step backwards, and will discourage recycling.
“It makes very little sense. Recyclable materials are valuable. Waste companies sell them on as raw materials. It should be free to consumers. We warned that charges were a possibility when the Government introduced pay-by-weight pricing structures without regulating waste companies. It’s a shame that it has come to pass.
“The cost of recycling packaging waste is supposed to be borne by the producers of the waste under the Producer Responsibility System. Unfortunately, Repak only covers 40% of the cost of dealing with the packaging their members put on the market. Instead of landing the costs on the public whose ability to affect packaging is limited, they should be borne by those who produce the packaging, giving them a stronger incentive to design more sustainable packaging, intended for reuse, composting and recycling.”