Greens: No surprise in EPA emissions projections

31st May 2018

Core Government policies disregard climate targets

The Green Party have said that a 1950s style transition, when Ireland moved from a closed economy, to an open global economy, is required to transform Irish society to a sustainable one. The Party was reacting to the latest EPA emissions projections, which showed Ireland’s emissions deteriorating.

Green Party Climate Spokesperson Cllr. David Healy commented: “This year's EPA projections are even worse than previous years. Instead of meeting our target for a 20% reduction in the non-traded sector by 2020, we are now have a best case prediction of -1%.

“Unfortunately there is no surprise in these predictions. This is happening because our transport and agriculture policies effectively disregard our climate targets. Food Wise 2025 and the Greater Dublin Transport Strategy are both plans to increase emissions in their sectors. Those plans are achieving their predicted results and the taxpayer will have to foot a bill of hundreds of millions of euros every year from 2020 on for our excess emissions.”

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD commented: “Our Government has no proper climate plan. We are now calling on the Dáil to establish a new committee investigating how we could take up the recommendations from the Citizens' Assembly on climate change.

“We want the Committee to bring in the Secretary Generals from all the relevant Government departments. It should report before the end of the year on how we can raise ambition in the new National Energy and Climate Plan that has to be presented to Europe.

“The scale of change we need is similar to what happened in the late 1950's, when we went from a closed economy to an open one. We now need to switch from our unsustainable model to a sustainable one. The problem is we have no modern day Whitaker or Lemass at the helm in Government buildings.”