Greens: Poolbeg Incinerator expansion unacceptable to the local community

13th July 2018

Proposal ‘doesn’t make environmental or economic sense’


The Green Party have called for the proposed increase in capacity at the Covanta Poolbeg Incinerator to be opposed, saying it would have a hugely negative affect on local residents, resulting in at least 18 more trucks per day passing through residential areas.


Speaking following the news that Covanta are to apply to increase incineration capacity at Poolbeg by 90,000 tonnes per annum, Green Party Councillor for Pembroke South Dock, Claire Byrne, said: “This latest development is disappointing, but not surprising. The Incinerator was originally designed just to serve Dublin, but takes waste from much further afield now. Residents are already feeling the impact of the increase in large vehicles travelling through Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount to the facility, yet no monitoring is being carried out. They simply can't grant additional capacity. Now, they are looking to increase incineration capacity further. This will have a hugely negative impact on local residents. Increasing capacity by 90,000 tonnes per annum will result in at least 18 extra trucks per day passing through residential areas. That is unacceptable.


“It would be incredibly short sighted, economically and environmentally, to approve an increase in incineration capacity in Poolbeg. We need to move towards a more sustainable, circular economy, where we minimise the amount of waste being produced, and reuse as much of it as we can. Valuable materials ending up in landfill or being burned is not the way to go. The Government would risk tying us in to incineration for a generation. We can’t forget – if the incinerator falls below a certain capacity, the tax payer picks up the tab.”