Greens: Poolbeg Peninsula development should offer free energy for new residents

9th March 2017

Green Party calls for Poolbeg SDZ development to be "Zero Energy"

The Green Party today called on Dublin City Council to ensure that the Poolbeg Special Development Zone (SDZ) takes advantage of the excess heat and energy generated on the Poolbeg Peninsula by using it to power a district heating system in the new Poolbeg SDZ. The Party also called for the development to consist of 1/3 social housing, 1/3 affordable and 1/3 private.

Green Party Councillor Ciaran Cuffe said: “There is a unique opportunity in Poolbeg to capture heat and energy, that is currently being wasted, and put it to use. Combined with high quality buildings and solar energy throughout the development, we have a real chance to create a Zero Energy development in Poolbeg. A District Heating system must be part of the SDZ.”

The Green Party yesterday lodged a significant submission to the public consultation for the Poolbeg Strategic Development Zone, which will set the planning guidelines for development on Dublin Bay. The SDZ masterplan will cover all aspects of this development and shape the community and surrounding area for years to come. The Green Party submission calls for planners to have a strong vision for the future, and demanding high levels of energy efficiency - making better homes while reducing wasted energy and reducing our carbon emissions.

Zero Energy through District Heating System and Solar technology is only one part of the Green Party submission. The Green Party have also stressed the importance of Housing in the SDZ and the importance of Arts, Cultural and Community facilities.

Cllr. Patrick Costello said: “It is important that we get the housing part of the SDZ right as well, Council Planners are saying at present they can only allow 10% social housing under national policy and legislation, this is not enough. It is imperative that Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney, acts to allow more social housing to help deal with the growing housing waiting list that fuel the ongoing homelessness crisis. We are calling for the SDZ site to be designated one third each to cocial, affordable, and private housing.”

Cllr. Claire Byrne said: “We have an opportunity to develop a part of the city that is an example in sustainable urban design. The SDZ needs to create a community, not just a soulless development with no care given to those who will eventually live, work and play there. We have to ensure that from the beginning we are providing green, cultural, social and community spaces. As part of the Dublin City Development Plan, we ensured that 5% of all developments in the SDZ must be given to cultural, artistic and creative spaces. Our submission for the Poolbeg SDZ calls for this commitment to be honoured by the planners.”