Greens: Property Tax reforms should aid homeowners of defective properties

10th January 2018

Properties with fire safety, waterproofing, pyrite and mika defects should be exempt from LPT
Green Party Deputy Leader and TD for Dublin Rathdown Catherine Martin today repeated her call for the Government to introduce measures to assist homeowners to carry out essential remedial works in defective buildings.
In June 2017, the Dáil passed a Green Party motion which called on the Government to assist people who find themselves in awful position of discovering serious defects in their home, with no assistance available to them.
Speaking today Deputy Martin said: “A year since I first raised this in the Dáil with then-Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Government is still failing to act, and homeowners are still in limbo. We have not seen the last Priory Hall or Longboat Quay, as we saw recently with the uncovering of major defects in Spencer Dock in the Dublin docklands. The Government must act, and it must act quickly to provide some form of assistance to these homeowners – whether it be waiving the local property tax or providing a practical way of availing of the Home Renovation Incentive scheme for homeowners whose management companies are undertaking repairs.
“The State has to accept some liability for failing abysmally in the past to regulate adequately workmanship in large scale developments.
“The issue was also debated in the Dáil and the message is clear – the Government must develop remediation mechanisms for homeowners who have been left to pick up the pieces of substandard building practices, while cowboy developers get off scot-free.
“In light of Government’s plans to review the local property tax, factoring in homeowners of defective buildings is an absolute necessity.”