Greens: Shocking testimony from civilian Garda analysts shows urgent need for “Oversight Commissioner”

7th March 2018

Culture in An Garda Síochana still a major roadblock to reform

The Green Party today reiterated their call for the appointment of an ‘Oversight Commissioner’ to drive reform in An Garda Síochána, following shocking testimony from civilian Garda analysts at the Oireachtas Justice Committee

Speaking today, Green Party Spokesperson for Justice Councillor Roderic O’Gorman, said: “It is shocking to hear that civilian Garda analysts were undermined and had their integrity attacked when they raised concerns over the veracity of Garda statistics and the PULSE system. It is clear from the testimony at the Oireachtas Justice Committee today that the culture in An Garda Síochána is still a major obstacle to reform in the force.

“The errors laid bare are staggering. 14 deaths considered to be homicides by pathologists were listed by Gardaí in the incorrect crime category or as a non-crime. The misclassification of crimes put people at risk, according to the experts. If the public cannot have confidence in the statistics being provided by An Garda Síochána, it undermines the basis for trust in all of the force’s activities.

“We’re reiterating our call for the appointment of an ‘Oversight Commissioner’ to drive Garda reform. Such a position was created in Northern Ireland in order to secure the full implementation of the Patton Report.

“The Gardaí need assistance with the huge task of modernisation and reform. Appointing an ‘Oversight Commissioner’ would mean that an independent person, unencumbered by the day-to-day running of the force, would be able to support the Gardaí in making these much needed changes.”