Greens: Trump visit will be protested

16th March 2017

Taoiseach should refrain from extending an invitation to Ireland 
The Green Party said today that any Presidential visit by Donald Trump would be strongly protested, and that Ireland should not condone his actions by inviting him on an official state visit.
Speaking in response to Trump’s meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the White House today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “Our message in response to Trump’s remarks today are clear: you are not welcome here. He may claim to love Ireland, but we certainly don’t love him. We are opposed to his divisive, nationalist, protectionist approach to politics and would protest against any future visit.
“We will protest because his undermining of environmental protection is a threat to everyone. His climate denial will in time be seen as a crime against humanity which we cannot ignore.
We will also be protesting because of the stance he has taken against Muslim refugees. The Taoiseach was right when he said that Trump's commentary during the election was both racist and dangerous. He should not apologise or withdraw those comments.
“Last but not least we will protest his protectionist and nationalist approach to international relations, which is designed to undermine international cooperation and our own European Union.
“For all these reasons we regret the fact that the Taoiseach's visit went ahead today as if it is business as usual in the White House. We should not be giving any further succour to the current administration by extending a visit to Ireland.”