Greens urge households to make donation to environmental groups following water refunds

7th September 2017

The Green Party today called on households who disagree with water charge refunds to make a donation to environmental groups dedicated to protecting water supplies when their refunds arrive.

Speaking today, Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan, a member of the Oireachtas Water Committee, urged households who want to see action to make a donation to environmental organisations.

She said: “I’ve been contacted by a huge number of people that are hugely frustrated at the way this whole Irish Water debacle has been handled. They paid their charges in good faith, and want to see the investment in our water services that is desperately needed. Over the summer we’ve seen beach closures due to water pollution, harming tourism and the economy. We’ve seen the chaos of the situation in Louth with the burst water main. People are sick of substandard water services putting people’s health and livelihoods at risk.

“We’re urging households who are unhappy with their refunds to make a donation to environmental groups working on water sustainability and protection.

“If the Government are not going to take sustainable water management and the protection of our most precious natural resource seriously, we’re calling on households to make a donation to an organisation who will. Households can contact the Irish Environmental Network for information on member organisations they might like to donate to.”

Lists of environmental organisations can be found on the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) website.