Green Economy

With a highly-skilled workforce, access to international capital and markets and a growing start-up mentality, Ireland is well placed to become a hub of activity in the Green Economy. Realising this goal will need total political commitment and investment in the energy, digital and agriculture industries that have the potential to continue to thrive here.

The Green Economy is one of the fastest growing markets in Ireland today, and will become one of the most important sectors in Ireland's economy in the years to come. It will spur innovation and creativity helping Ireland to become much more self sufficient and in turn reduce our use of fossil fuels  and enable us to embrace green technologies to help both drive and secure our economic and energy independence.

The Green Economy covers various sectors. The following infographics look at current trends in those sectors, possibilities for the future and some companies who are embracing green technologies to move towards a more sustainable future.



Wind Energy

Renewable Energy




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