Protection of Nature

Our goals are to reverse declines in habitat richness, to increase biodiversity, to improve quality of waters in lakes, rivers streams and coastlines, to reduce flooding risks, to enrich urban environments, to improve air quality, and to protect against emerging threats. We want to see Ireland blossom as a country with healthy soils, water and air supporting a much richer bird, animal, plant and insect life, for the benefit of citizens and tourists alike.

A strengthened Department of the Environment will unify responsibilities scattered in different corners of government. This will ensure joined up, results-oriented management of a better environment for everyone.

Our key policy objective is to develop the less economically important one third of agricultural land, which will be managed under the principles of High Nature Value Farming. This focuses on the environmental results achieved by landholders. This will improve biodiversity and tourism, while reducing pollution and flooding.

Our full policy can be found here.