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We’re working for an Ireland where…


Our work

The most important needs of every human being are for food, water, shelter, fuel, belonging and meaning.

That’s why we have prioritised supporting communities, improving education, creating a fair Green economy, protecting our water and producing high quality food. In short, making Ireland a great place to live and work.

We haven’t lost our idealism, but we’re also a pretty practical Party. We know Ireland can have a cutting-edge green economy and a just society and we’re working towards that.


How we work

The Green Party has a strong and experienced leadership supported by dedicated members and volunteers.

We currently have two TDs, one Senator, sixteen councillors on the island of Ireland working at local government level and two MLAs (Member of the Legislative Assembly) in Northern Ireland.

Local groups around the country play an important role in organising meetings and events, canvassing and fundraising. Local groups also select candidates to run in local and general elections.

Most universities and colleges in the country have a Young Greens group. Find out more about the Young Greens.

The Party holds an annual Convention, or Ard Fheis, and all members are invited to attend. The highlights include the Leader’s speech, guest speakers, and a social get-together for members to share stories and motivate each other.



European Greens

The European Green Party is the European political party that operates as a federation of political parties across Europe supporting green politics. As a member of the European Green Party we work closely with the Green MEPs in the European Parliament, who are organised as the Greens-EFA Group.


Our History

The Green Party was formed in 1981 by a group of people with a vision for better planning, social justice, sustainable economic growth and protection of our natural environment.

The first Green Councillor was elected in 1985 and in 1989 the Party took its first seat in the Dáil. The Green Party served in a coalition government from 2007 to 2011 with 6 TDs.

The Green Party Constitution was revised in 2018.


Our Principles

The impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive.

Conservation of resources is vital to a sustainable society.

All political, social and economic decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level.

Society should be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels.

As caretakers of the Earth, we have the responsibility to pass it on in a fit and healthy state.

The need for world peace overrides national and commercial interests.

The poverty of two-thirds of the world’s family demands a redistribution of the world’s resources.