Dearbháil Butler

Dearbhail Butler
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I strongly believe that healthy, well connected communities can only be achieved through participation.

My priorities

Raising awareness and supporting communities to restoring natural habitat for our wildlife, such as creating wildflower areas, planning spring flowers and most importantly community involvement.

Involve and empower members of the community to use local green spaces to promote community activity and mental health.

Safer and wider cycling lanes that can facilitate experienced and non-experienced cyclists. Supporting teachers, parents and children on implementing walking and cycling bus initiatives.

Working on a local and national level to improve our transport system, that serves our communities to a high standard, such as trains and cycle lanes.


I have worked in the Financial Industry for 20+ years from Operations to Oversight and Governance. In 2016 I took redundancy and turned to volunteer work, within my community. I am involved with many groups and projects, such as Event Directory for Rockfield junior parkrun, various positions on local residents’ associations and local park development project, to name a few.

It was through my volunteer work that I found my real passion that prompted me to return to college and study Community Development. I have always believed in the importance of community engagement, volunteering and public service, which has been demonstrated in my community activities.

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