What you can do

Putting people and resources first is a mind-set, and once you start thinking that way lots of ideas start to flow. We have lots of ideas about better ways to live, learn and work and with your help we can make them a reality.

Be part of it. Join, donate, volunteer and vote for us. Let’s make Ireland’s recovery a green one.

And a fair one.




Join your local Green Party group

Your local Green Party group can give you more information on Green initiatives in your area, and/or information on getting involved at a venue and in a way that suits you.

If your Constituency is not listed here, please email the Green Party Office or call 01 679 0012





Young Greens

Most universities and colleges in the country have a Young Greens group with activities including the organisation of conventions, workshops, demos and policy discussions. New members are always welcome. Find out more about the Young Greens by emailing oigeghlas@gmail.com.


Get involved in our Policy making groups

The Green Party’s Executive Committee Co-Ordinator is Mary Ryder

The Policy Council is the Green Party’s policy making body and is led by:

Chair: Neasa Hourigan

Deputy Chair: Harry McEvansoneya

Secretary: John Goodwillie

Contact info@greenparty.ie if you’d like to find out more about the Policy Council or would like to join one of our policy making groups.