Jason Le Masurier

Local Area Representative
Ladys Bay Buncrana Donegal
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In the face of climate change, I am committed to creating a better future for all our children.

I will work to provide sustainable local transport and to repair and prevent damage to our environment.

My priorities

I will support and lobby for sustainable modes of transport. Including a cycle greenway between Buncrana and Letterkenny, a rail link from Derry to Letterkenny, a comprehensive network of bus routes and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

I will ensure planning and building regulations are used to preserve our urban and natural environments, for preventing poor building practices and materials (such as mica) and support for diversification of farming. I will work to stop illegal dumping and act on pollution, to restore a blue flag for Lady’s Bay.

I am working with the pool committee to ensure reopening of Buncrana swimming pool as part of the remodelling of the shore front. I will push for redevelopment of derelict buildings, to provide sustainable living and working spaces with opportunities for businesses and remote working.


I am a Chartered Civil Engineer, with a 30-year career in the construction industry. I moved to Buncrana in 2016 with my family. Along with my wife Liz, I set up Buncrana parkrun and I also volunteer with Inishowen Rivers Trust, the board of the Credit Union and the RNLI.

Jason La Masurier


085 2522752