Neasa Hourigan

Teachta Dála

Spokesperson for Finance, Public Expenditure and Health

Dublin Central
Neasa Hourigan TD
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I believe in a Dublin that is fair, accessible and affordable for every person who lives here.

As a specialist in sustainable community design I am committed to protecting and increasing access to decent housing, green space in the city, safe and walkable streets and provision for public transport. I joined the Green Party with a clear conviction that Ireland needs a voice at national level on sustainable and ethical living and climate change who will proritise the health and wellbeing of people and their families.

My priorities

Decent, affordable housing: A lack of housing and sky rocketing rents are damaging peoples' lives. I am actively working to ensure that local and government bodies provide decent and affordable housing for all, while addressing rising homelessness and falling housing standards.

A livable, active city: As a mother with a young, visually impaired child, I know how difficult it can be to get around Dublin. I believe that proper funding for active use of the city should focus on accessibility, good cycling infrastructure, and safety for vulnerable road users.

A more sustainable future: Dublin is a wonderful city to live in. I am committed to developing our community by focusing on waste and plastic reduction, tackling air pollution, and improving access to green space and sports amenities for children and adults.


I trained as an architect who specialises in sustainable development and I have worked as a consultant and university lecturer in this field. I have a masters in environmental design and a postgrad in third level education. During my professional career I have worked in the private and public sector as an architect and a consultant in sustainability on a number of major infrastructural projects in Ireland including as an environmental design specialist on the recent Mater Adult Hospital in our constituency.

As a full time carer for a disabled child I will work towards communities where we all can enjoy safe and accessible streets, affordable access to housing and services, food security, peace and equal opportunities. I have been involved in community volunteer work for many years including work with Age Action Ireland, helping to establish and run a charity shop for a charity for the visually impaired and volunteering every week at my local Day Centre where I run a therapeutic art class.

Neasa Hourigan TD with Not Here Not Anywhere group outside the Dáil.