Assisted Dying

The Green Party proposes that in Ireland there should be a statutory right to an assisted death which would be distinguished in law from suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Assisted dying provisions should apply only to those with a terminal illness which is likely to result in death within six months.

The Green Party proposes to ensure that a person who is terminally ill will have the right to request and lawfully be provided with assistance to end their own life. Such a right would only apply where the person has a clear and settled intention to end their own life which is proved by making, and signing, a written declaration to that effect. Such a declaration must be countersigned by two qualified doctors.

A person who makes a declaration must be able to revoke it at any time and such revocation need not be in writing. 

Legislation should include a conscientious objection clause and provision for creating criminal offences in circumstances where any person fails to adhere to the relevant statutory requirements governing assisted dying.

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