Hazel Smyth

Cllr Hazel Smyth with Minister Eamon Ryan Convention 2022

As a town strategically located in the heart of Ireland, I would like to see my wonderful town thrive and prosper as it should. As a qualified barrister, I’m determined to advocate for smarter, more strategic planning decisions, improved transport facilities in and around Mullingar, local businesses to be supported and creating job opportunities and better community services for all. In times of economic prosperity, we should not be seeing business shutting down, transport facilities being worse than ever and our children missing out on school due to the inaction on climate change.

I am working hard to ensure Mullingar is an attractive, safe, clean and great place to live, work, do business, raise families and prosper. I stand for people who live in Mullingar, want more for Mullingar and are frustrated with how slow improvements are to come along. I stand for women, minorities and young people who often feel voiceless in our governing bodies. I stand for a better environment for everyone – which means clean water, less pollution, safer communities and smart political decisions. I’m standing passionately for what is right and for what we deserve.

My priorities

Re-opening Killucan train station, Mullingar Bus Service and cycle paths/footpaths.

Native Woodland Creation Scheme on public lands, segregated bins, deposit return scheme, water refill stations and protection of our lakes and wildlife.

Community/Public building solar projects, more electric vehicle charging points and retrofitting projects.

Improving Mullingar Regional Hospital and mental health services locally, development of the Columb Barracks, providing community allotments/orchards/dog park and promoting greater diversity in politics.

Boosting local tourism, recognition for businesses adopting more sustainable practices and remote working hubs.


​As a lawyer who has worked in international infrastructure, tax and technology companies, I have a wide range of applicable, practical skills, including advocacy, drafting, consultation and negotiation. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring my experience and knowledge as a lawyer, volunteer and board director in order to serve my local community; as well as my local knowledge coming from a family-run Mullingar business. My primary objectives would be to improve public transportation, housing, community services and address local environmental issues. I’m always available to go the extra mile and I’m excited to inject new energy and fresh, innovative ideas into how our community is governed.

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