Reproductive Rights

The Green Party supports the holding of a referendum to allow the people of Ireland determine whether or not the 8th Amendment should be repealed.

The Green Party will support a vote in favour of repeal of the 8th amendment, on condition that the Government has provided draft legislation which will be put in place if the referendum passes. This would bring us in line with the recommendations of the UN special rapporteur on the right to health on their visit to Ireland and bring us in line with International Law regarding reproductive justice.

On the repeal of the 8th amendment, the Green Party will advocate legislation allowing for the lawful termination of pregnancies in cases of

  • fatal foetal abnormality
  • rape
  • incest
  • endangerment to the health/life of the mother

The Green Party understands that abortion is always a last resort option. In keeping with this, we propose that there would also be provision of unbiased sex and relationship education, free gynaecological care for under 18s, and access to safe and affordable contraceptives.

You'll find out more in the Green Party Reproductive Rights Policy.